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Policeman Awarded Compensation for Injuries |

Policeman Awarded Compensation for Injuries

During the Quarter Sessions on Saturday, Sergeant Patrick McCarthy of O’Brien’s-Bridge appeared seeking £100 in compensation for injuries sustained while performing his duties at Mount Pelier on March 18th of this year. On that day, Sergeant McCarthy and another constable had arrested an individual in a licensed establishment in Mount Pelier due to their involvement in a disturbance. While they were escorting the arrested individual to the barracks, a member of the crowd threw a stone, striking Sergeant McCarthy on the back of his head. The impact rendered him unconscious, and he remained confined to bed for twenty-six days as a result.

After hearing the evidence supporting the aforementioned facts, the presiding judge granted a decree for 50 guineas as compensation. Mr Phelps, a barrister-at-law representing Sergeant McCarthy and instructed by Mr W. Leahy, requested that a portion of the awarded amount be assigned to County Clare since the incident took place on the border of the two counties. However, the judge declined the request and ordered the entire sum to be collected from County Limerick. Mr P. Lynch, another barrister-at-law representing Sergeant McCarthy and instructed by Mr Gatfoey, appeared on behalf of the applicant during the proceedings.

The ruling of the court acknowledges the injury suffered by Sergeant McCarthy while performing his duties and awards him compensation for the physical and financial impact of his ordeal. It serves as a reminder of the risks and challenges faced by law enforcement officers in the line of duty and recognizes their right to seek redress for injuries sustained while protecting the community.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 31 May 1904

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