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Preparations Underway for Limerick Industrial Exhibition |

Preparations Underway for Limerick Industrial Exhibition

On Friday, a meeting of the General Exhibition Committee took place at the Chamber of Commerce, focusing on the upcoming Limerick Industrial Exhibition. The committee received favourable reports from the Advertisement and Exhibits Committees, indicating progress in their respective areas. Mr Sheehy presented plans showcasing the layout of the Markets premises, highlighting the arrangement of exhibits, amusement cafes, and other features.

In order to secure the necessary support for the exhibition, a delegation comprising Reverend J. M. Cregan, Administrator of St. Michael’s; the Mayor; the High Sheriff; Mr D. L. Roche; and Mr J. H. Scanlon, was formed. This delegation will engage with the citizens of Limerick to negotiate a guarantee in favour of the exhibition. A meeting of the delegation is scheduled for Wednesday, the 24th of this month, at the Chamber of Commerce, where they will proceed with their important tasks.

The Limerick Industrial Exhibition promises to be an exciting event, showcasing the region’s industrial achievements and providing a platform for businesses and exhibitors to display their products and services. Further updates on the progress of the exhibition will be communicated in due course.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 24 May 1904

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