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Quarter Sessions: Light Caseload Expected |

Quarter Sessions: Light Caseload Expected

The upcoming Quarter Sessions are scheduled to commence on Thursday, presided over by His Honor Judge Adams, who will address the city Crown business. It is anticipated that both civil and criminal matters will be relatively light for both the city and county.

In the city, there is one Crown case to be heard involving a robbery accusation made by a sailor named Elliots against Richard Wallace. In the county, two criminal cases are on the docket. Patrick Ryan is charged with forgery and the theft of two Limerick Union cheques, while John Carroll faces an assault charge.

On the civil side, there are a total of 320 entries, with 200 of them being defended. There are 13 ejectments, six of which are defended. Additionally, one criminal injury case and seven land cases are scheduled. In the city, 135 civil bills have been filed, with 35 of them being defended. Two appeals are also set to be addressed.

Overall, the caseload for the upcoming Quarter Sessions appears to be relatively manageable, with a range of civil and criminal matters awaiting adjudication.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 24 May 1904

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