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Thomond Feis Set to Showcase South's Talent |

Thomond Feis Set to Showcase South’s Talent

Limerick, Friday Night – The upcoming Thomond Feis, scheduled to take place in Limerick from June 24 to 26, is poised to become one of the most successful cultural festivals in the South. With a diverse range of competitions and a generous prize pool, the Feis is drawing significant interest and support from participants.

The Feis will feature thirty-two distinct competitions across various categories, including literary, inter-school, conversational, teaching, recitation, speeches, story-telling, singing, instrumental music, and dancing. Participants will have the opportunity to showcase their talents in these areas, competing for prizes in the form of money, medals, or books with a total value of £70. The breadth of competition ensures a rich and engaging experience for all involved.

To cover the expenses associated with organizing the Feis, a fund has been established, and the organizers are accepting subscriptions. Reverend T. Lee, P.P., from Croom, and Mr E. B. Duggan and Mr James Tully from Clan Chambers in Limerick are the designated treasurers and will be receiving the subscriptions. This initiative highlights the community’s commitment to supporting and nurturing local talent.

The Feis is anticipated to attract participants from various backgrounds and age groups, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and healthy competition. It serves as a platform for individuals to develop and display their skills while celebrating the cultural heritage of the region.

As preparations for the Thomond Feis continue, the excitement among participants and organizers grows. The event promises to be a vibrant celebration of talent, culture, and community, leaving a lasting impression on both participants and spectators alike.

For those interested in attending or supporting the Thomond Feis, further information can be obtained from the organizers or the designated treasurers. Limerick eagerly awaits the arrival of this prestigious event and looks forward to witnessing the exceptional talents of its participants during the festivities.

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Saturday 11 June 1904

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