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Tragic Incident Unfolds in West Clare: Man, Wife, and Son in Custody |

Tragic Incident Unfolds in West Clare: Man, Wife, and Son in Custody

Kilrush, Ireland – A disturbing incident occurred near the village of Doonbeg, approximately 8 miles from Kilrush, late on Friday night, resulting in a fatality and subsequent arrests. The Constabulary authorities have launched an investigation into the matter.

The victim has been identified as John Behan, a 43-year-old herdsman who was returning home after a day’s work at around 7 o’clock in the evening. It was during this time that he encountered three members of the Walsh family, leading to a heated altercation. The situation quickly escalated into a violent confrontation, and Behan suffered severe injuries as a result. Sadly, he succumbed to his injuries on Saturday evening.

In light of the incident, the Walsh family, including the husband, wife, and their son, have been taken into custody. They are currently being held and are scheduled to appear before the Magistrates from Limerick Prison on the upcoming Wednesday. The authorities are taking the matter seriously and are pursuing legal action against the individuals involved.

To determine the exact circumstances surrounding Behan’s death, an inquest will be conducted today, possibly in Doonbeg. The purpose of the inquest is to gather evidence and testimonies that will aid in establishing the cause and nature of the incident.

The community in West Clare is shocked and saddened by this tragic event, as the peaceful atmosphere of the region is shattered by such a violent incident. The authorities, with the support of the local community, are determined to ensure that justice is served in this distressing case.

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Monday 13 June 1904

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