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City Technical Education Committee Meeting in Limerick |

City Technical Education Committee Meeting in Limerick

A meeting of the City Technical Education Committee was held yesterday, chaired by the Mayor, Mr M. Donnelly. Present at the meeting were the Very Reverend A. Murphy, Miss Doyle, Messrs. B. Barrington (solicitor), M. McLerney, R. Nash (solicitor), M. Leaby, J. Cronin, and W. Joyce, BA, along with Mr Quick, the Principal.

The committee began by reading the minutes of the sub-committee, which discussed the low attendance at the day art schools. It was suggested that the teaching should be reduced to three days a week, and due to the light workload of Mr Brophy, the art teacher, his salary should be decreased from £140 to £100 per year. Mr Brophy’s letter expressing his disagreement with the proposed salary reduction was also read. He argued that while the small attendance of pupils during the 1903-1904 session justified a reduction, considering his forty years of service, he believed the committee’s proposed wholesale reduction was unwarranted. He suggested a gradual reduction instead.

Father Murphy pointed out that the class had very low attendance, and the students did not fit the profile of those for whom the committee provided education. He believed that offering a salary of one hundred pounds per year showed great generosity on their part, given Mr Brophy’s long service. He proposed the adoption of the minutes, which was seconded by Mr John Lynch and adopted by the committee.

The sub-committee submitted a scheme of prizes for the different classes in the upcoming session. A discussion arose regarding the continuation of the plumbing class, as no students had enrolled. The sub-committee recommended discontinuing the class, and Mr Leaby suggested reaching out to the plumbers again. Mr Quick stated that he had already written to them several times without success. Father Murphy mentioned that if the plumbers would attend the class, the committee would be happy to provide resources. The matter was dropped, and the committee accepted the decision.

Regarding the position of knitting instructress at Pery Square school, Mr Murphy informed the committee that a lady in training would be willing to accept the position for £50 a year, resulting in a £30 saving compared to the current instructress who was resigning. It was decided to advertise for a teacher of painting at a salary of £100 per year.

Mr Joyce proposed the appointment of a committee to discuss the transfer of scientific books from the Free Library to the technical school with the Free Library Committee. Miss Doyle seconded the resolution. However, Mr Barrington and Mr Doyle opposed it, arguing that such books should remain in the free library for the public. Mr Nash proposed a direct rejection of the resolution, seconded by Mr Leaby. Mr McLerney saw no issue with the committee providing scientific books for the technical schools, similar to how they provided typing machines. Ultimately, it was decided, upon the Mayor’s suggestion, that Messrs. Joyce and Quick would consult and report on the required scientific books.

The meeting adjourned, having discussed various matters related to technical education in Limerick.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette –  25 June 1904

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