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Resounding Success: Gaelic Concert at Monegea Showcases Artistic Talent and Promotes Gaelic Movement | Limerick Gazette Archives

Resounding Success: Gaelic Concert at Monegea Showcases Artistic Talent and Promotes Gaelic Movement

Monegea, Co. Limerick – The Amateur Drama and Gaelic Society reached new heights of success on Sunday night as they presented a remarkable Gaelic concert, furthering the principles of the Gaelic movement. The concert, held in Monegea, Co. Limerick, witnessed an appreciative audience who were treated to a display of exceptional talent from the society’s members.

The event had been eagerly anticipated, with invitations extended to various centres in Limerick and Cork, resulting in a turnout that exceeded the capacity of the spacious venue. Many attendees had to remain outside due to the lack of space. The comprehensive program featured a diverse range of performances, leaving the audience in awe of the artist’s remarkable skills.

The diligent efforts of Mr J. Stack, the dedicated manager, played a vital role in the concert’s success. His meticulous organization and punctuality ensured that every aspect of the event was flawlessly executed. The performances featured traditional Irish songs, dances, recitations, and amusing farces, which delighted the audience and garnered enthusiastic applause and encores.

The female artists, including Miss Bridie Lenihan, Miss Maggie Culloty, Miss Teresa O’Connor, and Miss Nora Curtin, showcased their remarkable talent, earning the admiration and acclaim of the audience. Their performances not only highlighted their artistic prowess but also solidified their growing popularity within the community.

The musical accompaniment, provided by talented individuals such as Messrs. J. Dennehy, D. Moriarty, B. Murphy, J. O’Connor, and D. Fitzgerald, added the perfect touch to the program. The concert commenced with the opening chords of “When Shall the Day Break in Erin?” by a group of artists, followed by other captivating performances, including “Ar Aering Ao Neos 1 Ciaiee” and “The Men of the West” by Mr D. O’Connor, and “The Irishman” by Mr Moriarty.

The mastery of Irish dances was demonstrated by Messrs. D. Guiey, J. Nolan, and J. Sheehan, while the humorous farce “The Tinker Personating the Doctor” provided by Messrs. R. Murphy, D. O’Connor, D. Healy, and W. Harnett, entertained the audience with its amusing storyline.

The concert also showcased the talents of Miss Teresa O’Connor, who mesmerized the audience with her rendition of “The Limerick Girls Are Beautiful,” and Miss Maggie Culloty, who captivated the crowd with “Killarney.” Miss Bridie Lenihan’s performance of “Carrick Dhoun” and Miss Nora Curtin’s rendition of “I Sew from the Beach” left a lasting impression on the audience.

The program concluded with a lively chorus of “God Save Ireland,” accompanied by the musicians. Mr J. Stack expressed his gratitude to the audience for their kind support and extended the society’s appreciation to the manager of the school rooms, as well as Mr Kennedy, N.T., for their invaluable contributions to the event’s success.

He assured everyone that the society would return soon with an even more enchanting program, urging all attendees to actively participate in promoting and achieving the goals of the Gaelic movement.

The Gaelic concert at Monegea demonstrated the power of artistic expression in advancing the Gaelic movement. It served as a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Ireland and highlighted the immense talent within the community. The event’s triumph will undoubtedly inspire future endeavours, contributing to the continued growth and popularity of the Gaelic movement.

Kerry News – Wednesday 22 June 1904