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Close Call for City Boating Party: Narrow Escape from Drowning |

Close Call for City Boating Party: Narrow Escape from Drowning

A city boating party had a harrowing experience on Sunday evening while returning home from Pilot’s Island, where they had enjoyed a day out. Near Tervoe, their yawl unexpectedly capsized due to an unknown cause. Fortunately, all occupants of the boat, except for one, were skilled swimmers. Additionally, their minimal clothing, having shed their coats, vests, and even boots earlier due to the day’s heat, worked in their favour during the accident.

As soon as the yawl overturned, the group realized that one of their members was trapped beneath the boat, in a perilous position. Showing great bravery, the others managed to rescue their companion, who was in a semi-conscious state. They carefully extricated him from beneath the vessel, but he remained disoriented and weak. They struggled to keep him afloat until a fisherman’s boat came to their aid.

Ultimately, they reached Limerick relatively unscathed, considering the ordeal they had endured. The incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictability of the water and the importance of preparedness and quick thinking in such situations.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 12 July 1904

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