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Exciting Showdown at the All-Ireland Hurling Championship as Cork Emerges Victorious over Tipperary |

Exciting Showdown at the All-Ireland Hurling Championship as Cork Emerges Victorious over Tipperary

Massive Multitude Gathers to Witness Thrilling Contest at the Markets Field, Limerick

In a highly anticipated clash for the All-Ireland Hurling Championship, Cork and Tipperary engaged in a fierce battle at the historic Markets Field in Limerick on Sunday. The intense matchup between the two teams captured the attention of a vast audience, with spectators flocking from Cork and Tipperary, facilitated by special train services from major Gaelic athletic centres.

While the playing field at the Markets Ground was in good condition, there were some improvements needed in the field arrangements, particularly during the second half. A significant number of spectators were allowed to overcrowd the railing, obstructing the view for many who remained inside the barrier. Nonetheless, this did not dampen the enthusiasm of the crowds.

The Cork team took to the field a full hour before Tipperary due to a delay in the arrival of the latter team’s train, which was attributed as the reason for the wait. During the interval, the eager Cork players entertained the spectators with a spirited display. The arrival of Tipperary’s defenders was greeted with resounding cheers, and shortly thereafter, both teams lined up for the game.

Representing Cork was the formidable Blackrock team, comprising seventeen skilled players, including ten from their own ranks, along with a selection from the Redmonds, Barrs, and Dungourney. Unfortunately, W. O’Neill from Sarstields had to withdraw due to a recent injury. In a departure from general expectations, Tipperary’s Luhorna team chose to rely solely on their own parish talent, with Tuboeradora being a notable addition to their lineup.

Once the teams settled into the game, the pace was relentless, with the Tipperary backs displaying exceptional skill, albeit receiving limited support from their forwards. Notably, their defensive manoeuvres were impressive, seizing any opportunity that arose. On the other hand, the Cork players showcased consistent performance, playing with unwavering determination and vigour. By halftime, they had secured a commanding lead, with the score standing at Cork: 3 goals, 5 points; Tipperary: 2 points.

Undeterred by the uphill battle that awaited them in the second half, Tipperary entered the field with a determined mindset to overcome the odds stacked against them. And indeed, they made a remarkable comeback. However, despite their valiant efforts, Cork emerged as the victors with a final score of Cork: 4 goals, 6 points (18 points); Tipperary: 1 goal, 10 points. Cork secured a well-deserved and commendable victory, winning by a margin of five points.

The lineup for the teams was as follows:

Cork (Blackrock): Daniel Coughlan (captain), Tom Coughlan, J. Cleary, P. Shaw, S. Riordan, John O’Leary, D. Kidney, W. Parfrey, W. Dorney, D. Buckley (Blackrock), P. O’Sullivan, M. O’Leary (St. Finbart’s), D. O’Keefe, G. Martin (Redmonds), J. Kelleher, J. Ronayne, J. Desmond (Dungourney). Tipperary (Luhorna de Wetts): John Duane (captain), M. Darcy, C. Bruer, R. Nolan, J. Mara, M. Conmy, D. Ryan, M. Mullarkey, I. Ryan, J. Darcy, D. Kelly, M. Moloney, P. Starr, T. Cabir, F. Deveney, D. Whelan, J. Sweeney.

The match was officiated by Mr T.F. O’Sullivan, the chairman of the Munster Council, who ensured a fair and well-regulated contest between the two formidable teams. The thrilling encounter between Cork and Tipperary at the All-Ireland Hurling Championship will be remembered as a memorable clash that showcased the incredible talent and passion for the sport.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 12 July 1904

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