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Limerick No. 2 District Council Discusses Labourers' Cottage Rents |

Limerick No. 2 District Council Discusses Labourers’ Cottage Rents

On Saturday, the regular meeting of Limerick No. 2 District Council took place with Mr Arthur Stritch in the chair. Among those present were Captain O’Brien, R.M., and several council members, including Mr T. Bourke, M. Hanlon, M. Bourke, M. O’Corry, J. Madden, G. Heffernan, J. O’Connell, I. Skehan, and P. Stritch. The council’s clerk, Mr H.J. Guinane, solicitor Mr J. Ryan, and engineer Mr J. O’Malley were also in attendance.

A letter from the Local Government Board was read, addressing the council’s query regarding the legality of appointing a council official other than the solicitor to initiate legal proceedings for the recovery of labourers’ cottage rents. The board confirmed that it would be entirely lawful for the council to be represented by an official other than the solicitor in such matters.

The Chairman sought clarification on the origin of this question. Mr Ryan, the solicitor, explained that it arose from a statement he made at the previous meeting. He had mentioned that pursuing small sums owed by tenants in distant areas, such as Killaloe, Broadford, and Doonass, would result in significant expenses.

Captain O’Brien suggested adopting the practice of other councils in this regard. The clerk proposed that he should be authorized to initiate proceedings instead of Mr Skehan, as he would be better equipped to handle the legal aspects. Mr T. Bourke inquired about the associated expenses, to which the clerk explained that the only cost would be for car hire, as he could not be expected to cover travel expenses personally.

Captain O’Brien expressed his preference for Mr Skehan to handle the proceedings. The council agreed with his suggestion, and upon Captain O’Brien’s motion, seconded by Mr T. Bourke, it was decided to authorize Mr Skehan to initiate legal action for the recovery of labourers’ cottage rents.

Captain O’Brien then sought information regarding the completion of all cottages under the seventh scheme, the fencing of half-acre plots, and the payment of money to the occupants. The engineer confirmed that all the required tasks had been completed.

Captain O’Brien requested a tabulated report detailing the cost of each cottage. The clerk informed the council that such information could be obtained from a ledger kept in his office. Captain O’Brien emphasized the importance of having this information supplied.

The Chairman inquired about the amount of money remaining under the Labourers Act. Mr Ryan clarified that there were no funds remaining. The topic was then concluded, and the council adjourned.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 12 July 1904

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