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Post Office Servants Demand Higher Pay at Dublin Conference |

Post Office Servants Demand Higher Pay at Dublin Conference

At the recent Conference of the Dual Workers’ Association (Post Office Servants) held in Dublin on Saturday, a motion was put forward by Mr Waldron from Limerick, highlighting concerns about the current scale of pay for earners employed in the Post Office. Mr Waldron argued that the existing pay structure is extremely inadequate, failing to provide even the basic necessities of life. He emphasized that this situation effectively means that the Department benefits from the services of these workers for extended periods, ranging from one to four years, at the expense of their parents or guardians rather than the Treasury.

Mr Waldron specifically pointed out that an allowance of only £6 per week, based on an eight-hour workday, is utterly insufficient. In most cases, parents are forced to financially support their children who are earning such meagre wages. Considering that the Department receives the maximum output from these learners, it essentially results in parents subsidizing postal work.

Supporting the motion, Mr Hurley of Dublin expressed his belief that the learner system should be abolished entirely. The resolution, calling for a reconsideration of the current pay scale and expressing dissatisfaction with the exploitation of learners, was unanimously adopted during the conference.

The Post Office Servants’ Conference in Dublin witnessed a collective demand for higher wages and an end to the learner system. These dedicated workers hope to secure fair compensation for their efforts in providing essential postal services.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 19 July 1904

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