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President Kruger and His Honorary Freedom of Limerick |

President Kruger and His Honorary Freedom of Limerick

Many may not be aware, but the late President Kruger held the esteemed title of Freeman of the ancient city of Limerick. This honour was bestowed upon him during the Boer War at the suggestion of Mayor Alderman John Daly. Although President Kruger did not personally travel to Limerick to receive the parchment scroll traditionally given to each Freeman, he graciously acknowledged the distinction through a letter.

The list of notable Limerick Freemen includes prominent figures such as Charles Stewart Parnell, the Right Honorable W. E. Gladstone, Bishop John Daly, James F. Egan, and the esteemed Mr Andrew Carnegie, among others. President Kruger’s inclusion among these esteemed names speaks to the significance of his connection with the city of Limerick and the recognition he received from its City Corporators.

President Kruger’s honourary freedom of Limerick served as a testament to the city’s admiration and support for his leadership during the tumultuous times of the Boer War. The gesture demonstrated Limerick’s solidarity with the Boer cause and their recognition of President Kruger’s resilience and commitment to his people.

Although he couldn’t personally attend the ceremony, the letter of gratitude from President Kruger conveyed his appreciation for the prestigious recognition bestowed upon him. The fact that his name now stood alongside esteemed individuals like Parnell, Gladstone, Bishop Daly, James F. Egan, and Andrew Carnegie further emphasized the significance of his connection to Limerick and the honour he held in the eyes of its citizens. President Kruger’s Freeman status will forever be a proud chapter in Limerick’s history.

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Saturday 16 July 1904

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