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United Irish League West Limerick Executive Holds Significant Meeting |

United Irish League West Limerick Executive Holds Significant Meeting

An important monthly meeting of the United Irish League West Limerick Executive was convened in Newcastle West on Wednesday, yielding productive outcomes. Reverend Father W. Casey, VR, All-l-e{l‘a-nle, presided as the president. The following delegates were in attendance: James Roche, Timothy Mulcahy, J. Flanagan, J. Clifford, John McDonnell, Thomas Hurley Sr., J. Murphy, and E.P. Haroett from Newcastle West; Rev. Father Casey, VR, and I.G. Keane from Abbeyfeale; Martin Hogan and John O’Connor from Rathkeale; Pat Noonan from Askeaton; E.B. Murphy from Ballyagran; R. Cotter, J. McDonagh, T. Saanaban, and D. Culbane from Croagh; D. Cleary and J. Scanlan from Coolcappa; and James Kenny from Ashford. Mr Keane acted as secretary in the absence of Mr W.D. Power.

Regarding the appointment of delegates to attend the county committee, it was decided to refer the matter to Mr Power, allowing him sufficient time to make a decision before the following Wednesday. This suggestion received approval from the attendees. Additionally, a resolution from the Sarsfield branch in Limerick was approved. It appealed to Mr W. Costelloe, an auctioneer from Rathkeale, to refrain from proceeding with the sale of the meadows of the evicted farm at Cappanehane. The resolution expressed disapproval of the matter, citing ongoing efforts to facilitate a settlement between the landlord and tenant. It questioned Mr Costelloe’s decision to proceed with the auction after auctioneers in Charleville, Kilmallock, Ballingarry, and Rathkeale had refused to sell the meadows of the same farm. The resolution strongly called on Mr Costelloe, as a genuine Nationalist, to respect the wishes of the people.

The case of Noonan and Noonan was discussed, with Pat Noonan from the Askeaton branch in attendance, while the other party was absent. The Chairman mentioned receiving a letter from the other side, indicating that no one was more affected by the situation than the absent party. To address the matter, the Chairman suggested referring it to the Ballingarry branch and sending the letter there for review. The Secretary would write to fix a suitable day for the discussion, and all agreed to this course of action.

The case of Martin Hogan was considered, and the following resolution was passed: “That this Executive meeting of the West Limerick Executive of the United Irish League expresses hope that the tenants on the Fitzgibbon property who have agreed to purchase their holdings, with the condition of reinstating Martin Hogan, the only evicted tenant on the property, will steadfastly stand by this condition. By doing so, they will earn the heartfelt gratitude of this meeting, as well as the support of the League and its branches throughout the county.”

The Newcastle West branch raised the case of John H. Danaher. Mr John Murphy proposed that they request the tenants on the Goold property, who were considering a purchase, to show kindness to John H. Danaher, who was in a difficult situation. Mr Murphy suggested that if nothing were done, the tenants could petition the National Bank to consider John H. Danaher’s case favourably, and they could approach the landlord as well. The Chairman expressed his reservations about involving the landlord but acknowledged that John H. Danaher was in a challenging position. Mr Thomas Hurley believed that approaching the tenants and seeking financial assistance for John H. Danaher might be the best course of action. The Chairman agreed with Mr Hurley’s suggestion, stating that if John Danaher would provide him with a yearly sum or some form of support, it could be the most suitable solution. Mr McDonnell proposed that a legal document be drawn up and signed by both parties, ensuring that John H. Danaher receives a sufficient annual amount to sustain himself. He also suggested that a petition be created, signed by the shareholders of the National Bank in Listowel and the surrounding area, urging them to consider John H. Danaher’s case sympathetically. While the Chairman acknowledged the proposal, he clarified that he was not a shareholder of the National Bank and had never possessed the means to purchase even a single share. He humorously mentioned signing a petition to the bank in the past without reading it, assuming that it contained the names of trustworthy individuals. Mr Hurley agreed, noting that others had done the same, and expressed regret that the wording of the petition was not milder. The Chairman believed that John Danaher might be willing to provide financial assistance if approached, and Mr E.P. Harnett mentioned the possibility of transferring Scanlan’s farm, which belonged to the landlord and had a house built on it, to John H. Danaher with the help of the tenants in Athea. The Chairman asked about the current occupant of the house, and Mr Harnett identified Tom Liston from Athea. The Chairman suggested approaching the agent of the Goold property and presenting a proposal for assistance to John H. Danaher, as the tenants who are in the process of purchasing the property are not easily swayed from their decisions. Mr Murphy stated that there was no League branch in Athea, and the Chairman confirmed that there was also none in Glin. He added that the farmers and townspeople differed in their opinions on the sale of the town’s houses. The Chairman suggested writing to the tenants on this estate, asking them to meet the landlord and use their influence to provide Scanlan’s farm to John H. Danaher as a gesture for the loss he endured. The Secretary was instructed to write to the tenants, as proposed by the Chairman.

The case of Clery and Nolan in Ballyann was referred to the Coolcappa branch for a report at the next Executive meeting. In the case of Ambrose and McDonnell from the Ardagh branch, which had been discussed in previous meetings, it was now referred to the Chairman (Rev. Fr. Casey), Mr Thomas Hurley SR., and Mr Thomas McDonnell from Fortwilliam for resolution.

Finally, the resolution passed by the Kilcolman branch concerning the rights of Kennelly in the land of Dilline, Carrigkyle, was reaffirmed. The next Executive meeting was scheduled to take place in Rathkeale on Wednesday, August 10th.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 12 July 1904

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