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A Royal Welcome: Arch-Confraternity of the Holy Redeemer Extends Warm Greeting to Father Martin Raus in Limerick |

A Royal Welcome: Arch-Confraternity of the Holy Redeemer Extends Warm Greeting to Father Martin Raus in Limerick

Limerick, Friday Night – The arrival of the Right Reverend Father Martin Raus, Superior-General and Rector Major of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, in Limerick was met with a resplendent and royal welcome from the Arch-Confraternity of the Holy Redeemer. Father Raus had come to visit the Redemptorists at Mount St. Alphonsus.

As the distinguished ecclesiastic arrived, approximately seven thousand men and members of the great Arch-Confraternity congregated at the railway terminus, singing hymns and lining the streets. They formed a procession in military precision, honouring the Superior-General as he made his way to his temporary residence. This grand display left a deep impression on Father Raus, who, accustomed as he may be to displays of devotion in Catholic countries throughout the continent, was moved by the magnificent reception in Limerick, making his visit to the city a memorable experience for his Order.

In his response to the heartfelt address delivered by Mr J. F. Barry, JP, on behalf of the Arch-Confraternity, Father Raus spoke glowingly of the Confraternity, hailing it as “the first in all the world.” The warmth and enthusiasm displayed during the welcome left an indelible mark on Father Raus and showcased the fervent devotion of the Limerick community.

During the following evenings, Father Raus conducted Papal mission meetings at St. John’s and St. Michael’s, captivating the congregations with his words. Father Magnier, the General Consultor of the Order, also addressed the members, conveying the good wishes of the Superior-General and wishing the Confraternity continued success in their endeavours.

The visit of Father Martin Raus and the reception he received exemplify the deep religious devotion and fervour within the Limerick community. The Arch-Confraternity of the Holy Redeemer’s warm welcome serves as a testament to the enduring faith and commitment of its members, further strengthening the bond between the congregation and their spiritual leaders.

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Saturday 30 July 1904

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