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Intense Hurling and Football Matches at Kiltinane |

Intense Hurling and Football Matches at Kiltinane

Exciting matches in hurling and football took place on Sunday at Kiltinane. In a thrilling encounter, Castletown Roche emerged victorious, defeating Effia by a narrow margin of 1 goal and 9 points to 1 goal and 8 points. Meanwhile, the clash between Young Irelands of Limerick and Redwoods of Cork showcased fierce competition. After winning the toss, Young Irelands launched an offensive, but Redwoods’ goalkeeper Hayes made impressive saves. Searles of Redwoods scored the first point, followed by another. Limerick pressed hard, but Cork’s defence proved formidable. Flanagan secured a point for Limerick, but Redwoods responded with a series of quick points. Despite Limerick’s efforts, the final score stood at Redwoods 6 points, Young Irelands 2 points at the whistle. In the second half, Cork extended their lead, and despite a valiant struggle by Limerick, including a goal, the match ended with Redwoods victorious by a score of 2 goals and 14 points to Young Irelands’ 3 points. The teams included notable players such as T. Irwin, D. McCarthy, and J. Flanagan. The match was officiated by Mr T. Tobin.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 02 August 1904

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