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Kilmallock Sports Event Showcases Thrilling Athletic Competition |

Kilmallock Sports Event Showcases Thrilling Athletic Competition

The popular Kilmallock Sports event took place on Sunday at the Fair Field in Kilmallock, drawing significant attention and demonstrating its growing popularity. Known for its high-quality sports activities, the Kilmallock Sports event stands out among other athletic meetings. Participants included top athletes, including prominent competitors from the capital city. This year’s event once again lived up to its reputation, offering an exciting and diverse range of athletic disciplines.

The organizers were fortunate to have favourable weather, although there was a brief period of rain before the event commenced. Despite the rainfall affecting the track conditions and leading to a few spills in the cycling events, the overall attendance was impressive, and the competition in each event was intense and thrilling. The success of the event can be attributed to the dedicated efforts of the hardworking committee members, as well as the efficient management of Mr Denis Power, who ensured that the program ran smoothly. Valuable assistance was also provided by individuals such as Larry Rocue, P. McGrath from the Munster Council, and J. P. Crotty.

A special commendation goes to Mr J. P. Dunworth, the popular and courteous Honorary Secretary, who played a crucial role in the success of this year’s event, as well as previous editions. His efforts were acknowledged by the organizers and attendees alike.

Here are some highlights from the event:

  • 100 Yards (Open): Several heats were held to determine the finalists. The qualifying athletes included C. McGill from Limerick, J. McGee from Cork, J. McKenzie from Dublin, A. F. Kelly from Limerick, J. J. Hurley from Kilmallock, P. O’Farrell from Douglas, P. P. Coiley from Dublin, J. McEniry from Emly, and representatives from Collins and Sullivan. The final race was won convincingly by J. McEniry from Emly.
  • Half Mile Cycle: The heats in this cycling event showcased participants such as M. Dee from Templeglantine, J. J. Stephens from Clonmel, E. McGrath from Tulla, P. Halvey from Limerick, C. McCullagh from Dublin, and others. The final race came down to W. Long from Charleville and E. Nolan from Cork, with W. Long securing victory by a quarter of a wheel.
  • Two Mile Cycle for Novices: E. Nolan from PC C emerged as the winner, with H. Wigoder from Dublin finishing in second place.
  • 220 Yards (Open): The heats for this event featured talented athletes including J. J. Hurley from Kilmallock, A. E. Kelly from Limerick, J. Hilder from Dublin, J. Magee from Cork, J. Ryan from Dublin, P. J. Dodd from Dublin, J. Hedderway from Dromin, and others. The event witnessed close competition, with J. J. Hurley, J. Colbert from Lismore, J. O’Connor from Limerick, and C. McGill from Limerick emerging victorious in their respective heats.

The Kilmallock Sports event once again provided a platform for thrilling athletic competition, attracting both participants and spectators from near and far. The dedication of the organizing committee and the support of the community ensured a successful and enjoyable event for all involved.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 26 July 1904

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