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Limerick County Council Meeting Highlights: Timber Removal, Road Maintenance, and Poor Law Reform |

Limerick County Council Meeting Highlights: Timber Removal, Road Maintenance, and Poor Law Reform

Limerick – The Limerick County Council convened on Saturday, chaired by Mr R. Cowe, J.P. Several members, including Messrs J. Gubbins, M. Feeney, J. Coleman, D. Clancy, T. Hurley, K. Mitchell Sr., P. Shaughnessy (Glin), J. Hogan, M. Naughton, P. Vaughan, J. Ryan, MP.. U’Shaughnessy, and J.P., were in attendance.

One of the matters discussed was the timber currently stored on the Giia pier. Mr Horan suggested taking steps to have it removed, as it belongs to Mr Timothy O’Connor of Tarbert. The Council ordered the removal of the timber and instructed the secretary to include the appointment of a constable for the pier on the agenda for the next meeting.

Mr Gubbins raised a concern regarding the carting of road material in the Kilmallock district. He pointed out that rough material was being transported into Kilmallock to be broken, only to be taken back past the quarry for distribution on the roads. The issue was acknowledged but not further discussed.

A discussion arose following Mr Horan’s report on complaints about field flooding caused by surface water from roads. Mr Horan highlighted the Council’s responsibility in such cases and the potential legal liability they could face. Mr Gubbins also mentioned similar cases in his district. The matter was left to the County Surveyor and solicitor to address potential remedies.

The meeting then turned to Mr Horan’s report on main roads and the identification of specific roads that should be designated as such. However, Mr Horan stated that he had no formal report on the matter. Mr Gubbins expressed his objection to Kilmallock paying more for road maintenance compared to three other unions in the county. The topic of discontinuing main roads was briefly discussed, with Mr Coleman considering a motion on the subject. Ultimately, the decision was made to adjourn the discussion to a larger meeting for further consideration.

In other council business, Mr W.W. O’Dwyer and J. Hogan were appointed as representatives to testify before the Poor Law Reform Commission at its upcoming sitting in Limerick.

The meeting highlighted ongoing efforts by the Limerick County Council to address various issues related to infrastructure and governance while ensuring efficient resource allocation and compliance with legal responsibilities.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 09 August 1904

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