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Limerick Expresses Regret Over Exclusion from Papal Legate's Visit |

Limerick Expresses Regret Over Exclusion from Papal Legate’s Visit

Limerick, Friday Night. The city of Limerick is filled with a sense of regret and disappointment as it finds itself unable to actively participate in the warm Irish welcome extended to Cardinal Vannutelli, the Papal Legate. Limerick’s geographical disadvantage, being situated away from the main railway line, is believed to have contributed to its exclusion from the visit. The missed opportunity of a formal address from the citizens to his Eminence is deeply felt by the community. Nevertheless, considering the constraints of time, the Mayor, in consultation with the Bishop, made the appropriate decision to invite the distinguished visitor. Unfortunately, conflicting commitments prevented his Eminence from accepting the invitation, further deepening the city’s disappointment.

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Saturday 06 August 1904

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