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The Redemptorist Order Receives a Magnificent Reception in Limerick |

The Redemptorist Order Receives a Magnificent Reception in Limerick

The Most Reverend Father Matthias Raus, Superior General and Rector Major of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer arrived in Limerick from Dublin on Friday evening. His arrival was met with an outpouring of enthusiastic welcome from the members of the Arch-Confraternity and the citizens of Limerick. Father Raus, an Alsatian by birth, is currently visiting the Redemptorist House in Limerick.

Upon his arrival at the station, Father Raus was greeted by the Fathers of the local community and received a warm reception with cheers from the crowd. The members of the Arch-Confraternity had made elabourate preparations outside the station to mark the cordial nature of the reception. The crowd along Queen Street, Glentworth Street, George Street, and O’Connell Avenue, where the Arch-Confraternity members were gathered, cheered as the procession passed by.

Father Raus, accompanied by Very Reverend Father Reus, Secretary General, Very Reverend Father Magnier, Consultor General, and Lev G. L. O’Lavesty, Rector of Limerick, rode in a carriage drawn by four greys. They were followed by Very Reverend Father Albert Barry and Very Reverend Father McCana in another carriage. The procession made its way to the Redemptorist Church, where the bells joyously pealed and flags adorned the tower. The churchyard was beautifully decorated, and a banner with the words “Cead Mille Fáilte” spanned the doorway to the conventual building.

A lively and enthusiastic scene awaited them at the church, with cheers resounding throughout. A platform was set up in the yard, and after the members of the Confraternity had assembled in formation, a formal presentation of an address took place. Mr J. F. Barry, Sr., the ex-Mayor, had been delegated to present the address to Father Raus on behalf of the Arch-Confraternity.

The address expressed sincere joy and welcome to Father Raus and acknowledged the profound impact of the Redemptorist Fathers on the members of the Confraternity. It highlighted the spiritual guidance, support, and friendship the Fathers provided to the community. The address also conveyed pride in the Confraternity’s membership, which numbered almost 7,000 men and boys, and their profound gratitude for the influence and positive impact of the Redemptorist Congregation.

Mr Barry presented the beautifully engrossed address to Father Raus, who expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the warm reception. Father Raus, deeply moved, addressed the Confraternity in French, and Father Magnier translated his words into English. Father Raus conveyed his appreciation for the exceptional reception he received in Limerick, stating that he had experienced many receptions in various countries, but none compared to the warmth and enthusiasm shown by the men of the Holy Family in Limerick.

Father Raus emphasized the collabourative efforts of the Fathers and the members of the Confraternity in achieving their great accomplishments. He commended the unity and dedication of the nearly 7,000 members and described them as a remarkable sight that would delight even angels and the Holy Father. Father Raus shared that, in an audience with the Holy Father, he was granted the authority to bestow the Papal Blessing upon all the members of the Holy Family in Limerick.

The evening concluded with Father Creagh expressing gratitude for the grand reception and inviting everyone to attend Holy Communion the following morning. He encouraged attendees to make the Prospect Fete a success, as it was a significant charity event. The proceedings ended with cheers and a sense of camaraderie among the gathered crowd.

The arrival of Father Raus and the warm reception by the Arch-Confraternity and the citizens of Limerick marked a memorable and significant event in the history of the Redemptorist Order.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 26 July 1904

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