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Calls for Justice in the Case of Mr J. Casey and Support for Compulsory Purchase |

Calls for Justice in the Case of Mr J. Casey and Support for Compulsory Purchase

The Croom Board of Guardians and the Limerick and Clare Farmers’ Club have expressed their concerns over an unjust case and advocated for compulsory purchase as a solution to the ongoing land issue.

At a meeting of the Croom Board of Guardians, chaired by Mr Jas. Costelloe, a resolution proposed by Mr C. F. Hartigan and seconded by Mr John Coleman Jr., unanimously passed. The resolution condemned the treatment of Mr James Casey, a tenant on the Ponsonby estate in Lisaleen, Patrickswell. It highlighted the gross injustice in his case, where the valuation of the holding by the landlord’s valuer, Mr Ernest Brown, was £28, the tenant’s valuer valued it at £20, and the agent suggested a fair rent of £26. However, after a hasty inspection by Mr Baggott of the Land Sub-Commission, the new rent was fixed at £31 7s 1d. The board expressed their outrage at this scandalous proceeding and aimed to bring public attention to the matter.

Additionally, at a meeting of the Limerick and Clare Farmers’ Club, chaired by Mr John McLnerney, a resolution was unanimously adopted. The resolution, proposed by Mr Thomas Hartigan and seconded by Mr William Halpin, emphasized the club’s firm conviction that compulsory purchase, with proper inspection, is the only viable solution to overcome the current deadlock in land issues. They called upon their chairman, who is also a delegate of the United Irish League, to champion this policy at the next meeting.

These resolutions reflect the growing frustration among farmers and community leaders regarding unjust treatment of tenants and the urgent need for a comprehensive resolution to the land question. The call for compulsory purchase highlights a belief that such a measure, with appropriate oversight, can pave the way towards a fair and equitable system for land ownership and agricultural practices.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 09 August 1904

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