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Cannock's Refutation of Alleged Subscription to Dr Long's Society |

Cannock’s Refutation of Alleged Subscription to Dr Long’s Society

To the Editor of The Limerick Echo,

Dear Sir,

We bring to your attention an article published in a Dublin weekly paper that mentions our firm, Cannock & Co., as subscribers to the Society associated with Dr Long in this city. We would like to clarify that we have never subscribed, nor would we ever subscribe, to Dr Long or any such organization.

For over thirty years, we have contributed to charitable causes in the city, supporting various denominations. However, we would never knowingly subscribe to any society with a proselytizing agenda. It is important for us to make this clarification for the benefit of both our Catholic and Protestant friends.

Yours faithfully,
Cannock & Co., Ltd.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 23 August 1904

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