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The difficulty of Obtaining Convictions in Limerick for Fish Poaching |

The difficulty of Obtaining Convictions in Limerick for Fish Poaching

At a meeting of the Limerick Fishery Board, chaired by Lord Massey, the Secretary, Mr Hosford, expressed his concern over the difficulty of obtaining convictions against persons charged with poaching fish in Limerick. He highlighted that bringing prosecutions in the county was a futile exercise and a waste of the board’s funds. He suggested that the Department should be asked to influence the government to appoint two resident magistrates specifically for the trial of such charges.

Mr Blood-Smyth noted that similar challenges were faced in other counties, making it a difficult issue to tackle. He also expressed doubts about receiving favourable support from the government at present.

Mr Hosford mentioned that they had previously successfully agitated against the reduction of fines imposed on poachers by appealing to the House of Lords. However, he refrained from specifically naming Limerick, as other counties faced similar issues. He cited a recent case in County Limerick where a poacher’s case was dismissed by magistrates, and the poachers later celebrated by treating the magistrates in a public house. On appeal, Judge Adams reversed the decision and awarded the appellant an additional pound in costs.

After some discussion, it was agreed that Mr Hosford would write to the Fishery Department to address the matter.

Kerry News – Wednesday 10 August 1904

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