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Uncertainty Surrounds the Future of Limerick Distillery |

Uncertainty Surrounds the Future of Limerick Distillery

Closure Rumors Cast Doubt on Limerick Distillery’s Fate

Limerick, Tuesday, August 30, 1904 – Over the past week, rumours have been circulating about the possible closure of Limerick Distillery, with reports suggesting that all employees have been given notice. However, it should be noted that the distillery had already scaled back its operations due to market conditions, relying on reserve stocks. While employment at the distillery has been reduced, between seventy to ninety individuals remain employed in clerical and other departments. Despite this, concerns about the future of the distillery persist, as any loss of trade would be detrimental to Limerick. Mr Archibald Walker has requested rate relief from the Corporation and a reduction in the valuation of properties associated with the distillery. If granted, it would allow the distillery to continue operating, preserving the plant and its potential to provide employment. The Corporation, if legally able, is likely to grant the exemption in order to support an industry that could offer opportunities to several hundred people in the future.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 30 August 1904

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