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Cottages in Kilmallock Union |

Cottages in Kilmallock Union

Under the recent labourers’ scheme in the Kilmallock Union, a number of cottages were constructed in the town of Kilmallock. Six of these cottages were recently completed, and the appointment of tenants was scheduled to take place at a meeting of the Council on the previous Friday. However, the Council’s business was adjourned.

To the surprise of many, it was discovered on Sunday that some individuals had already taken up residence in some of the cottages. By Monday, all of the cottages were occupied. This situation has sparked considerable interest and raised questions about the tenancy arrangements.

To provide context, about a year ago, while a cottage in the electoral division of Athlacca was still under construction by the contractor, the Council appointed a tenant to the property. However, before the appointed tenant could take possession, another individual, M. Burke, entered the premises. Burke’s entry was the subject of a trial at the Limerick Assizes, where it was revealed that he gained access using a key. The judge directed the jury to acquit Burke, as there was no evidence of forcible entry.

Subsequently, the Council and the contractor initiated an eviction process against Burke. However, Judge Adams dismissed the case after two hearings, citing the fact that it had been established that the District Council had already allocated the cottage to a tenant. The judge ruled that the proceedings should have been brought in the tenant’s name. The details of the case were presented to the Local Government Board, and after numerous deliberations, Burke was eventually appointed as the tenant by the Council.

The recent situation in Kilmallock Union, where tenants occupied the newly built cottages before the Council’s appointment, adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing housing issues. It remains to be seen how this matter will be resolved and what actions the Council will take regarding these occupied cottages.

Kerry News – Wednesday 14 September 1904

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