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The success of the Artisans' Dwellings Scheme in Limerick |

The success of the Artisans’ Dwellings Scheme in Limerick

One of the most positive aspects of social progress in Limerick is the successful implementation of the scheme for erecting workmen’s houses in the Nicholas Street area. Without assistance from another source, the project may have remained an unfulfilled endeavour after the Corporation purchased old houses at inflated prices. Fortunately, support came from the Thomond Artisans’ Dwellings and other benefactors, including Lord Iveagh, who sympathized with the poorly housed workers of Limerick.

The contract for the construction of the dwellings was awarded to Mr P. Bourke, and the result is a number of well-designed and well-ventilated homes. The houses are built using Ballysimon brick and Kilfinane slate for the roofs, providing durability and aesthetic appeal. Notably, the homes are constructed with substantial structures and excellent sanitation facilities, ensuring a high standard of living for the residents.

The demand for these new dwellings has been overwhelming, with applicants lining up four deep, demonstrating the pressing need for affordable housing in Limerick. As a suggestion, it has been proposed to name the new street after Smrsfield, a historic figure who sought shelter there during the last Siege of Limerick.

The successful execution of the contract reflects great credit upon Mr Bourke and his team, highlighting their commitment to delivering quality homes for the working class in Limerick.

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Saturday 03 September 1904

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