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Limerick Journalists' Association Formed to Foster Collabouration and Professionalism |

Limerick Journalists’ Association Formed to Foster Collabouration and Professionalism

Limerick, Ireland – In a significant development for the local journalism community, members of Limerick’s press corps gathered on Wednesday night and unanimously agreed to establish the Limerick Journalists’ Association. The decision reflects the growing recognition of the need for a cohesive and supportive network among journalists in the city and its surrounding districts.

Under the leadership of Mr W. Reeves, who assumed the role of president, the newly formed association aims to promote collabouration, professionalism, and the sharing of knowledge and resources among its members. Mr J. H. Wright was elected as treasurer, while Mr J. A. Baldwin took on the role of vice president.

The association’s executive committee includes esteemed individuals such as Mr W. Barrett, Mr W. S. Burke, Mr P. T. Dunne, Mr C. O’Sullivan, and Mr G. MacDonagh, who will serve as honourary secretaries. Their collective experience and expertise will undoubtedly contribute to the success and growth of the association.

The establishment of the Limerick Journalists’ Association addresses a long-felt need within the local journalistic community. The initiative is expected to foster camaraderie, professional development, and the exchange of ideas among members. By providing a platform for journalists to collabourate and support one another, the association aims to enhance the quality of journalism in the region.

As the newly formed association sets out on this venture, there is a shared optimism that it will prove to be a resounding success. The Limerick Journalists’ Association is poised to play a vital role in promoting journalistic integrity, camaraderie, and excellence within the industry, further elevating the standards of journalism in Limerick and its surrounding areas.

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Saturday 01 October 1904

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