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"County Borough Council of Limerick Invites Tenders from Forage Contractors" | Limerick Gazette Archives

“County Borough Council of Limerick Invites Tenders from Forage Contractors”

The Cleaning Committee of the County Borough Council of Limerick will convene on Wednesday, October 5th, to consider tenders for the supply of various articles required for a twelve-month period, ending September 20th, 1905. Interested parties may view standard samples at the Carr Street Depot. The items to be supplied include oats for the corporation horses, fresh and kiln-dried, at a specified rate per barrel of 14 stones; kiln-dried beans at a rate per barrel of 20 stones; and best coarse wheaten white bran at a rate per 112 lbs. Tenders will only be accepted from parties complying with the Fair Wage Resolution of the Borough Council. Deliveries must be made to the Corporation Depot on Carr Street, as instructed by the Superintendent. Failure to deliver may result in penalties. Tenders, accompanied by samples, should be submitted before 4 pm on the specified date, labelled “Tender for Forage.” Successful contractors will be required to sign a contract and bond approved by the Council’s Law Agent. The Council reserves the right to reject the lowest or any tender.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 04 October 1904