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In Memory of a Roman Catholic Friend: A Tale of Friendship and Loss in Limerick | Limerick Gazette Archives

In Memory of a Roman Catholic Friend: A Tale of Friendship and Loss in Limerick

Limerick, Wednesday. (Special to The Limerick Echo) In reminiscing about a dear friend, whose companionship I cherished, I recall a bond forged through shared joys and sorrows. During my moments of turmoil, he offered patient advice and empathized with my imperfections. On a crucial occasion, he exemplified true friendship, proving himself to be an unwavering ally. In our youthful days, when books were set aside and schoolhouse doors closed, we would roam the verdant banks of the Shannon, pondering our future paths. We contemplated the trades or professions that would define our adult lives.

Our conversations often embraced lighthearted banter, fitting for youth brimming with vitality. Yet, there were moments when our discussions took a serious turn. We contemplated the existence of a Higher Power, the creator of all things, and marvelled at the omnipotence of God. As we entered adulthood, our friendship deepened. Our joys were intertwined, and each sorrow experienced by one weighed heavily on the other’s heart.

Though my friend adhered to the ancient shrine, while I held to the Reformed Church’s faith, tragedy struck. I witnessed his solemn interment in a narrow bed of clay, while his aged parents knelt and prayed, eventually finding solace in God’s will. They accepted their fate with a serene resignation, despite him being their only son. Yet, I, without such unwavering faith, mourned without hope. My grief overwhelmed me, and tears flowed freely. I yearned for the conviction to pray for his departed soul, to seek divine mercy on his behalf.

In retrospect, when my dear friend was removed from life’s roster, I realized the depth of my longing for faith. I wished I could have found solace in beseeching the Lord to have mercy on his soul. Alas, my lack of belief left me bereft.

In Memory of a Roman Catholic Friend

In Limerick's realm, a tale I bring,
Of friendship strong, a cherished thing.
A dear companion, loved so well,
Whose secrets with my heart did dwell.

Through joys and sorrows, side by side,
He'd offer counsel, gentle guide.
In hours of need, a faithful friend,
His loyalty knew no end.

In youthful days by Shannon's shore,
We dreamed of futures to explore.
Contemplating life's grand design,
Our paths intertwined.

Our talks, both light and serious too,
Explored life's mysteries, in our youth.
We pondered God's omnipotent hand,
And marveled at His wondrous plan.

As years passed by, our bond did grow,
Our love expanding, hearts aglow.
Each other's joys and sorrows shared,
A testament of how we cared.

His faith in ancient shrine did lie,
While I held to beliefs passed by.
But when my friend met untimely end,
My faith faltered, grief did descend.

I yearned for prayers, a soul to save,
To offer solace beyond the grave.
But lacking faith, my sorrow deep,
I wept, in anguish, couldn't sleep.

Oh, if only I had known,
The strength of faith, how it's grown.
To pray for mercy, peace and rest,
For my dear friend, now laid to rest.

In memory, I hold him dear,
A cherished friend, forever near.
In Limerick's tale, our bond does mend,
In honourof my Roman Catholic friend.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 20 September 1904