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"Judge Adams Issues Warning to Limerick Residents Over Fraudulent Signatures" | Limerick Gazette Archives

“Judge Adams Issues Warning to Limerick Residents Over Fraudulent Signatures”

At the Limerick, Registration Court held yesterday, a significant number of individuals appeared before Judge Adams for their involvement in the illicit act of forging signatures on numerous lodger franchise claims. Notably, among those charged was Councillor Sheahan, a member of the Limerick Corporation, who admitted guilt and pleaded ignorance of the law.

Judge Adams expressed grave concern regarding the matter, emphasizing the need for immediate action to prevent any recurrence of the lax practices exposed during the revision process. Stressing the importance of maintaining integrity in the registration process, Judge Adams vowed to take decisive measures to ensure such misconduct does not happen again.

The court’s stern response serves as a clear warning to all residents of Limerick that any fraudulent activities related to voter registrations will not be tolerated. Upholding the law and preserving the integrity of the democratic process remain of utmost importance to the court and its officials.

Morning Leader – Thursday 29 September 1904