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"A Thing of Shreds and Patches": Judge Adams Rules on County Council Order | Limerick Gazette Archives

“A Thing of Shreds and Patches”: Judge Adams Rules on County Council Order

Limerick, Thursday. During the Quarter Sessions today, the Honorable Judge Adams, K.C., delivered his judgment in a case involving Mrs Crosbie, Deal, Kent, and the Limerick County Council. The claim sought to recover £10 for stones that were quarried and removed for use on the roads.

Judge Adams emphasized the significance of the case in light of the county’s transition from the old contract system to direct labour on public roads. Referring to a previous decision by Judge Murphy in the La Touche vs. Coady case, Judge Adams stated that the landlord was not entitled to compensation for the stones. He criticized the County Council for producing an order that was haphazard and poorly constructed, urging them to have a properly drafted model order prepared by Counsel.

Ultimately, Judge Adams dismissed the action, highlighting the need for a more comprehensive and well-defined approach in the County Council’s proceedings.

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Friday 14 October 1904