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An Effective Solution to Emigration: Industrial Development in Ireland | Limerick Gazette Archives

An Effective Solution to Emigration: Industrial Development in Ireland

While eloquent speeches and metaphoric expressions may captivate our attention, they alone cannot provide a cure for the emigration issue. The Emigration problem, like many others in Ireland, requires action rather than words to bring about a solution. Recently, Messrs. W. J. Shaw and Sons, renowned Irish bacon factors, have made a valuable contribution to the Emigration question through their practical endeavours.

Their efforts are highlighted in a pamphlet titled “Industrial Development in Ireland,” which has just been released. It could aptly be described as an “Emigration Antidote” as it focuses on the establishment of a new factory. A factory, one might argue, is more effective in curbing emigration than anything else.

The pamphlet contains a report of a meeting held by the Cork Industrial Development Association last July, which was originally published in a local newspaper. The Cork Development Association is a pragmatic organization dedicated to practical work for the advancement of Irish industry. In pursuit of this goal, the association’s secretary visited Limerick to inspect and report on a new venture undertaken by Messrs. Shaw and Sons.

Their endeavour involved the establishment of a factory for the production of potted and tinned meats, which enjoy significant demand in Ireland. The association’s secretary states in his report that Messrs. Shaw introduced this new department as an experiment. The success of such an enterprise would undoubtedly have a positive impact on the Emigration issue, offering employment opportunities and strengthening the local economy.

It is heartening to witness the actions of companies like Messrs. Shaw and Sons, who prioritize “doing” over “saying.” Their practical efforts in establishing factories and promoting industrial development serve as an antidote to emigration. It is through concrete actions and initiatives that we can combat the challenges facing Ireland and foster a brighter future for its citizens.

Dublin Leader – Saturday 22 October 1904