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Educational Problem: Catholic Ireland's Struggle for Equality | Limerick Gazette Archives

Educational Problem: Catholic Ireland’s Struggle for Equality

The pressing educational problem in Catholic Ireland has come to the forefront today through two significant declarations. One is the statement and resolutions issued by the Archbishops and Bishops of Ireland, shedding light on this crucial matter. The other is the impassioned address delivered last night by the Most Rev. Dr O’Dwyer, the Bishop of Limerick, who eloquently analyzed the entire situation. The history of this issue reveals a series of broken promises by English Ministers, raising hopes that were ultimately dashed. Now, the Unionist Government’s actions reach a new low, as stated by Dr O’Dwyer: “We Irish Catholics must have our claims judged by the Orange opposition, postponing any educational reforms in Ireland.” Such a degrading and insulting proposition is how the just demands of the Irish people for educational equality in their own land are met. If they passively accept such conditions, they will bear the responsibility for perpetuating the current unjust system. However, the substantial and enthusiastic audience at the Rotunda last night demonstrated their awareness of the deceitful tactics employed by their rulers. They are resolute in their determination that Mr Wyndham, the Chief Secretary for Ireland, and the government must not evade their responsibilities any longer. The Irish people demand genuine and equitable educational reforms that will serve the best interests of their nation.

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Thursday 13 October 1904