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Limerick and Clare Farmers' Club Plans for Demonstration | Limerick Gazette Archives

Limerick and Clare Farmers’ Club Plans for Demonstration

A special meeting of the Limerick and Clare Farmers’ Club was held on the 15th inst., with Mr James Halpin, the vice-president, chairing the session. The meeting was attended by several members, including Messrs. John Coleman, J. Humphries, D. Kelly, P. Fitzgerald, J. McNamara, D. Purtill, J. McLerney, A. Stritch, P. Duggan, J. Duggan, B. Laffio, E. Mitchell, T. Lane, J. Moloney, J. Molony, N. Humphries, P. O’Grady, and E. O’Connell.

The primary topic of discussion was the upcoming demonstration scheduled for November 6th. Mr A. Stritch proposed and Mr D. Kelly seconded a motion stating, “That we attend as a body at the demonstration.” Another proposal, put forth by Mr P. Fitzgerald of Rosbrien and seconded by Mr P. Duggan of County Clare, suggested appointing a small committee to handle the arrangements for the club’s representation at the forthcoming demonstration. It was further proposed that the committee be provided with the necessary fare for their participation.

The committee members appointed for this task were J. McNamara, P. Fitzgerald (Rosbrien), P. Fitzgerald (Greenhills), A. Stritch, and T. Lane.