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Nurse's Lawsuit at Limerick Quarter Sessions | Limerick Gazette Archives

Nurse’s Lawsuit at Limerick Quarter Sessions

During the Limerick Quarter Sessions today, a professional nurse named Mary Millea brought a lawsuit against the Guardians of the Limerick Union, seeking £6 4s 5d for her services rendered in the Caberconlish district. The plaintiff explained that she worked as a nurse in the Hospital district and was summoned to Caherconlish by Mr Devane, the relieving officer, in the absence of the regular nurse.

The defendants contested the claim, arguing that the amount requested was excessive. After considering the arguments, a decree was granted in favour of the plaintiff, but the amount awarded was reduced to £5, in addition to the costs.

The Limerick Quarter Sessions served as a forum for resolving civil matters, and in this case, a nurse’s claim for compensation was addressed with a judgment reached based on the presented evidence and arguments.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 11 October 1904