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Redmond's Speech: Gratitude and Confidence | Limerick Gazette Archives

Redmond’s Speech: Gratitude and Confidence

In response to the addresses, Mr Redmond expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the gentlemen who had made the effort to meet him, despite the inconveniences involved. The warm welcome extended not only by Cork but also by Limerick, Clare, Kerry, Tipperary, and other counties was truly gratifying. Such a display of confidence from these esteemed representatives was deeply appreciated. The task at hand is undoubtedly challenging and demanding, but it is undertaken with a sense of confidence in its ultimate success. Mr Redmond was pleased to note that the enthusiasm of their supporters in America was unparalleled, surpassing any previous occasion. The strong support and unwavering dedication of their followers inspire great hope for the future.

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Thursday 13 October 1904