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The Current State of University Affairs in Ireland | Limerick Gazette Archives

The Current State of University Affairs in Ireland

The University question has once again captured the attention of the Irish public, sparking a renewed sense of interest, although hope for a resolution remains elusive. Recent events, such as the Bishop of Limerick’s address at the Catholic Truth Society and Mr Boland’s lecture at the Catholic Graduates and Undergraduates Association, have drawn large and enthusiastic crowds. In particular, the impact of Bishop O’Dwyer’s address was extraordinary, stirring the audience to an unprecedented level of emotion and fervour. His Lordship’s words displayed a remarkable mastery of eloquence, reminiscent of the great Edmund Burke. It is no exaggeration to liken the effect of his speeches to that of the renowned orators of ancient Greece.

However, it is crucial to note that Bishop O’Dwyer’s words were devoid of pretentiousness or bombast. Instead, they were rooted in plain, robust common sense, a quality that formed the foundation of Greek oratory. Cardinal Logne aptly captured the sentiment of the gathering by suggesting that if the hall had been filled with armed volunteers, as it once had been, few would have remained unmoved by the Bishop’s impassioned address.

While the recent discussions surrounding universities in Ireland have stirred the public, the path to a resolution remains challenging. The quest for a satisfactory resolution to the University question continues, and it is hoped that future dialogues and engagements will lead to productive outcomes. The issue at hand is of great importance and significance for the future of education in Ireland, and it merits careful consideration and thoughtful deliberation by all parties involved.

Dublin Leader – Saturday 22 October 1904