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Very Busy Limerick No. 2 District Council Meeting |

Very Busy Limerick No. 2 District Council Meeting

The monthly meeting of the Limerick No. 2 District Council was held with Mr Arthur Stritch in the chair. Various council members were present, including Messrs Thomas Hartigan, P. Lane, Peter Mulqueen, P. Fitzgerald (COC), D. Carroll, John Madden (Shravokee), P. Keane, M. Bourke, John O’Connell, B. Skehan, George Heffernan, and M. O’Corry. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.

The Local Government Board sent a letter regarding the proposal to increase the rent of a cottage leased by Timothy O’Halloran. They advised that if the Council was not satisfied that the tenant was an agricultural labourer or if he continued to sublet the plot after being warned to desist, the Council should reclaim possession of the cottage. Mr Sheahan announced his intention to submit a notice of motion on the matter.

Mr Bourke raised concerns about the potential reaction of landlords to rent increases. Mr Skehan, who was not present at the last meeting, understood that O’Halloran was denied the opportunity to address the Council and clarify matters. Mr O’Carroll objected to discussing the previous meeting’s proceedings, and the Chairman agreed to disallow such a discussion.

Mr Skehan submitted a notice of motion requesting that O’Halloran be allowed to occupy the cottage at O’Shea’s Acres in Broadford, provided he fulfills the requirements, and that any resolution to the contrary be rescinded. Mr O’Carroll objected to the notice of motion, stating that O’Halloran was a postboy and not concerned about the Council’s actions.

The Local Government Board also inquired about the reasons for granting £3 to Mr Skehan, the rent collector, for postage and stationery, and why his application was treated separately from other subordinate officers. After discussing the matter, the Council unanimously concluded that, due to Mr Skehan’s efficiency in rent collection and other duties, he should be reimbursed for his stationery and postage expenses, as he could not receive a salary increase.

The Council read and adopted a resolution from the Letterkenny Board of Guardians regarding the use of land rents from Trinity College for higher education purposes. The Ballymena Rural District Council sent a resolution calling for the establishment of a central body for District Councils. Delegates, Mr P. Fitzgerald and Mr M. Corry, were appointed to attend a conference on this matter in Dublin.

Mr Doyle, solicitor, attended the meeting regarding Mr Skehan’s objection as a rent collector to serve eviction notices to cottage occupants. He stated that there was nothing in the bond to compel Mr Skehan to do so. Mr Ryan, another solicitor, mentioned that he needed to see the collector’s bond before providing an opinion.

Mr O’Regan expressed his belief that Mr Skehan was obligated to perform the duty without additional compensation. If the board was willing to pay Mr Skehan, he believed he would fulfill the duty. Mr B. Skehan took exception to Mr O’Regan’s remarks, clarifying that Mr Skehan, the rent collector, was his uncle, and he would not act as a bailiff. He accused Mr O’Regan of lying when suggesting that the rent collector sought a salary increase instead of refusing to be a process server. Mr Ryan, the solicitor, said he would examine the matter further before providing an opinion. The matter was referred to Mr Ryan for further consideration.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 11 October 1904

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