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Annual Meeting of Great Munster Fair Commissioners | Limerick Gazette Archives

Annual Meeting of Great Munster Fair Commissioners

The annual meeting of the Great Munster Fair Commissioners took place on Saturday evening under the chairmanship of Mr James Frost Sr. Among those present were James O’Grady Delmege Jr., DL; John B Barrington, JP; the Mayor, Mr M Donnelly; T.D. Clifford, JP; Norris Russell, JP; Ambrose Hall, Sr.; John Coleman, JP; James Hogan, JP; R. Piggott Jr.; John Ryan, JP; S.C. Vaan Osittart; S.P. Naughton; Daniel Clancy; Bennett; William O’Dwyer. The secretary, Mr E.D. Hunt, was also in attendance.

During the meeting, Mr Clancy proposed that the Great Munster Fair be held three additional times per year, in addition to the existing fairs. Mr Clifford expressed support for a monthly fair, while Mr Coleman suggested that the Commissioners should have a clear understanding of their financial situation before making any decisions. Following a discussion, Mr Barrington mentioned a notice of motion from Mr Robert Coll, chairman of the Limerick County Council, which proposed transferring the management of the Great Munster Fair to the County Council. Mr O’Dwyer’s proposition to adjourn the meeting for a month and provide the Commissioners with printed accounts for the past year received unanimous approval. The resolution was adopted, and the meeting concluded.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 08 November 1904