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Notable Figures Address Enthusiastic Crowd in Limerick Gathering | Limerick Gazette Archives

Notable Figures Address Enthusiastic Crowd in Limerick Gathering

In a remarkable assembly that drew approximately 15,000 attendees from Clare, Tipperary, Waterford, and Kerry, held in Limerick yesterday, prominent figures such as John Redmond, MP, and Mr William O’Brien, MP, took to the platform to address the fervent gathering.

Mr Redmond, a Member of Parliament, articulated his deep attachment to the concept of Home Rule, underscoring its profound significance as a representation of Ireland’s collective aspirations. He expressed that Home Rule stood as a symbol of hope for the nation.

Mr O’Brien, a seasoned political figure, conveyed his unwavering belief in the promising nature of the cause. He highlighted the successful implementation of the Land Act and emphasized the importance of judicious governance as essential components of Ireland’s rejuvenation. Mr O’Brien emphasized the need for unity among the people, acknowledging that their collective voice would play a pivotal role in achieving their rightful demands.

Anticipations were high regarding forthcoming proposals from Lord, with an expectation that these proposals would address the demands of the populace. Mr O’Brien called for a united front, urging all to set aside any complexities or divisions in the pursuit of common goals. He acknowledged that while differing opinions existed regarding the Land Act’s workings, there was a prevailing sentiment of support for the cause’s unity.

The gathering brought together a significant number of individuals from different regions, all united in their shared vision for Ireland’s future. The addresses of Mr Redmond and Mr O’Brien resonated with the crowd, underlining the importance of unity and purpose in the pursuit of their collective aspirations.

Manchester Courier – Monday 07 November 1904