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Home Rule Is Now A Certainty | Limerick Gazette Archives

Home Rule Is Now A Certainty

During a United Irish League demonstration in Limerick, Mr J. Redmond expressed his confidence in the practical certainty of Home Rule. He urged the attendees to welcome Lord Dunraven and his party, rather than push them away.

Mr Redmond’s statement indicates his belief that the implementation of Home Rule in Ireland was becoming increasingly likely. Home Rule referred to the political movement advocating for self-government and greater autonomy for Ireland within the British Empire. By stating that Home Rule was a practical certainty, Mr Redmond expressed his optimism about the progress being made towards achieving this goal.

Furthermore, Mr Redmond encouraged the attendees to embrace Lord Dunraven and his party. Lord Dunraven likely represented a group of individuals who were sympathetic to the Home Rule cause or had expressed support for it. Mr Redmond’s call to welcome Lord Dunraven and his party suggests a desire for unity among those advocating for Home Rule, regardless of their political affiliations or backgrounds.

Overall, Mr Redmond’s remarks at the United Irish League demonstration in Limerick reflected his belief in the imminent realization of Home Rule and emphasized the importance of inclusivity and collabouration within the movement.

Lichfield Mercury – Friday 11 November 1904