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Postman Granted Decree for Dog Bite Incident | Limerick Gazette Archives

Postman Granted Decree for Dog Bite Incident

During the adjourned Quarter Sessions at Limerick, a decree was granted by His Honor Judge Adams in a case involving a dog bite. Patrick Squires, a temporary rural postman, sued Patrick O’Grady of Crossagalla for £15 in damages. Squires claimed to have sustained injuries when the defendant’s dog bit him on October 14, 1903, while he was delivering letters. Sergeant Kelly provided further testimony, stating that two other individuals had previously complained about being bitten by the same dog, one in June and another in August.

The defendant argued that the other two individuals were trespassers, as he had been forced to keep the dog to prevent theft of fowl and clothing from his property. However, His Honor ruled in favour of the plaintiff and granted a decree for five guineas, along with costs.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 08 November 1904