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Mr William O'Brien to Sign the Roll of Freemen in Limerick | Limerick Gazette Archives

Mr William O’Brien to Sign the Roll of Freemen in Limerick

During the recent Corporation meeting held last night, a decision was reached, following the motion put forward by Mr E. J. Bond, to take advantage of Mr William O’Brien’s presence in Limerick. The purpose of this request is to have him sign the roll of Freemen, in accordance with a resolution that was originally passed seventeen years ago.

This particular resolution, passed nearly two decades ago, conferred upon Mr William O’Brien the Freedom of Limerick. Notably, at the time of this resolution, Mr O’Brien was situated in Canada, where he was actively opposing the policies of Lord Lansdowne, who held the position of Governor General at that time.

Over the years, it has come to light that the matter of Mr O’Brien signing the roll of Freemen was inadvertently overlooked. The present situation, with Mr O’Brien’s presence in Limerick, presents a timely and fitting occasion to address this historical oversight and formalize his recognition as a Freeman of the city.

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Saturday 05 November 1904