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"The Limerick Meeting: Appeal to Nationalist Journals" | Limerick Gazette Archives

“The Limerick Meeting: Appeal to Nationalist Journals”

At the meeting of the Limerick Demonstration Committee on Saturday, a resolution was adopted expressing strong disagreement with the tone of the remarks made by the Freeman’s Journal in reference to their meeting held on Sunday, November 6th. The committee considered the newspaper’s remarks to be misleading and contrary to the spirit of reconciliation that was widely recognized as the prevailing characteristic of the meeting. They also disputed the claim made by the Freeman’s Journal that a letter gave the keynote to the meeting, stating that the letter was never read at the meeting and its contents were unknown to most attendees. They further emphasized their support for the Land Conference policy as the only authorized national policy, as declared by Mr J. E. Redmond.

In light of these concerns, the committee appealed to the Nationalist journals of the country to demonstrate a spirit of harmony and goodwill in their comments, similar to the exemplary speeches delivered by Mr J. E. Redmond and Mr W. O’Brien at the meeting. The committee highlighted the enthusiastic endorsement and approval received from the tens of thousands of attendees at the historic gathering.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 15 November 1904