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Winter Assizes: Limerick to Host Long-Awaited Sessions | Limerick Gazette Archives

Winter Assizes: Limerick to Host Long-Awaited Sessions

The news of the Winter Assizes returning to Limerick this year has been met with great satisfaction in the city. The decision to boycott jurors in previous years was an unwarranted slight, implying a lack of trust in their ability to impartially handle criminal cases. Furthermore, it deprived Limerick of the cultural and economic benefits associated with hosting the Winter Assizes for a quarter of a century. It is surprising that it took so long to rectify this situation and ensure that Limerick shares the responsibility alternately with Cork. Now that a new era has been initiated, it is important to establish a permanent system of rotation, ensuring Limerick’s rightful place in hosting the Winter Assizes.

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Saturday 05 November 1904