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Limerick Forms Branch of Society for Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals | Limerick Gazette Archives

Limerick Forms Branch of Society for Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals

Limerick City – In a commendable move to combat cruelty to animals, a gathering of esteemed ladies and gentlemen took place on Friday evening at the Limerick Chamber of Commerce. The purpose of this well-attended meeting was to establish a branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). Spearheaded by Mr Courtenay Croker, the Local Government Board Auditor, and presided over by the Mayor, the meeting aimed to address the pressing issue of animal welfare.

During the meeting, Mr Croker provided a comprehensive explanation of the society’s objectives. He outlined their proposed plan to appoint an Inspector, seek continuous support from the police, and install water troughs and drinking fountains to benefit animals. Grateful for the invaluable assistance from the press, Mr Croker expressed his thanks on behalf of the movement.

Following Mr Croker’s proposal, it was unanimously agreed to establish the branch and adopt a set of rules for its operation. The Right Reverend Dr Bunbury, the Protestant Bishop, expressed his gratitude for Mr Croker’s initiative in addressing this matter. He acknowledged the necessity of establishing an SPCA branch in Limerick, not because the city and county were more culpable for animal cruelty than elsewhere, but because they shared the responsibility to educate their citizens.

Dr Bunbury emphasized that much of the cruelty inflicted upon animals stems from thoughtlessness. He passionately advocated for teaching young people from the earliest stages of their education that it is both morally and divinely mandated to show kindness to all creatures. Citing an instance of cruelty resulting from thoughtlessness that he had recently observed in the city, the Bishop called upon educators to instil compassion within their students, affirming that by doing so, they would fulfil God’s work.

The meeting concluded with the appointment of Lord Duaraven as the president of the newly formed branch, while the Mayor and City High Sheriff assumed the roles of vice presidents. Furthermore, a committee and officers were elected to manage the branch’s operations effectively. The proceedings ended on a positive note, with a vote of thanks extended to the Mayor for his support.

The establishment of the Limerick branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is set to garner widespread approval from all sections of society. As the city takes this commendable step, it aims to promote a society where compassion and empathy towards animals prevail, bringing about a more harmonious coexistence between humans and the voiceless beings that share our world.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 22 November 1904