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Meeting Held to Organise Fuel and Blanket Distribution for the Needy | Limerick Gazette Archives

Meeting Held to Organise Fuel and Blanket Distribution for the Needy

Limerick – A meeting was convened on Monday evening by the Mayor with the aim of arranging a distribution of fuel among the city’s impoverished population. The Mayor presided over the meeting, and other attendees included Reverend J. Grillo, Adm., St. John’s; Reverend D. Shanahan, PP, St. Mary’s; Reverend J. Lee, CC, St. Michael’s; Reverend J. Creagh, CSSk; Mr J. Tidimarsh; Mr W. L. Stokes; Sir Vincent Nash, JP; James Quin, JP; M. I. O’Meally, BC; Mr J. Kerr; Mr J. Woodhouse; Mr W. Nelan; Mr Dorman, and others.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read by the Secretary, Mr Purcell, and the statement of receipts and expenditures revealed a balance of £48 18s 3d. Sir Vincent Nash and Mr James H. Roche, JP, were unanimously reelected as treasurer and honourary secretary, respectively. The Mayor emphasized the pressing need to provide fuel to the impoverished poor, noting that the current distress was not confined to Limerick alone.

The Secretary read several letters enclosing subscriptions. The Bishop, Dr O’Dwyer, contributed ten guineas and expressed that no deserving family should be without fire during the winter. However, he cautioned against indiscriminate distribution of assistance, highlighting the importance of avoiding the pauperization of decent individuals.

It was agreed that the distribution of the fuel fund would continue to be handled by the St. Vincent De Paul Society, as done previously. The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to the Mayor. Subsequently, Mr W. Lloyd attended the meeting and presented a £50 cheque from Messrs. James Banatyne and Sons towards the fund.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 29 November 1904