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British Contemporary Reveals Limerick's Connection to Alfred the Great | Limerick Gazette Archives

British Contemporary Reveals Limerick’s Connection to Alfred the Great

In a remarkable discovery, a British contemporary has revealed that Lord Iveagh is a direct descendant of Alfred the Great, a significant historical figure in England’s history. The revelation comes as a result of recent genealogical research, shedding light on the illustrious lineage of Lord Iveagh.

According to the findings, Lord Iveagh’s paternal grandmother, Miss Lee, is descended from the Right Rev. Thomas Smythe, who held the esteemed position of Bishop of Limerick. What makes this connection even more noteworthy is that Bishop Smythe is identified as a direct lineal descendant of Alfred the Great, a revered monarch and one of the most influential English kings of the early medieval period.

This newfound ancestral link highlights the deep historical roots and rich heritage of Lord Iveagh’s family. The lineage traces back through centuries of history, connecting the present with a prominent figure from the distant past.

The discovery is likely to be of great interest to historians and genealogists, as it sheds light on the intricate web of connections that tie individuals to historical figures and events. It also provides a fascinating insight into the diverse and complex tapestry of British history.

As news of this discovery spreads, it is sure to captivate the public’s imagination and foster a deeper appreciation for the fascinating historical connections that lie hidden within the ancestry of prominent individuals like Lord Iveagh.

Dublin Leader – Saturday 10 December 1904