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Evicted Tenants Meeting of the Limerick Association: Important Proceedings | Limerick Gazette Archives

Evicted Tenants Meeting of the Limerick Association: Important Proceedings

A significant meeting of the County Limerick Evicted Tenants’ Association took place at the Town Hall on Saturday, with Mr W. H. Irvers presiding as the President. Attendees included Mr J. Moloney as the Secretary, John Harty (Vice President), S. P. Harris (Honorary Secretary of East Limerick Executive U. I. L.), and several other prominent figures.

The meeting addressed various cases, including a letter from Mr T. Brosnahan in California, drawing attention to the eviction of Mrs. Timothy C. Brosnan twenty years ago, and offering to furnish additional details on the matter. These cases, along with others, were referred to respective district branches of the League for further consideration.

The Chairman read a letter from Lord Langford’s agent in response to inquiries about reinstatement. The agent expressed that no settlement would be made until rent and tenancy terms were finalized.

The Chairman highlighted his own case, where he sought to go to the Land Court for a rent reduction but faced resistance from his landlord. This emphasized the urgency for reinstatement.

Discussion ensued about Advisory Committees and their significance in pushing for the reinstatement of evicted tenants. Resolutions were proposed and passed, emphasizing the need for local committees to work in conjunction with the United Irish League in reinstating evicted tenants and advocating for their case at various public forums.

Speakers reiterated the importance of the League’s support and William O’Brien’s influence in this matter. The return of Mr O’Brien to public life was seen as a positive development, bringing renewed hope to the evicted tenants’ cause.

The restoration of evicted tenants was seen as contingent on influencing public opinion and the tenants’ own actions. Several landlords were contacted regarding test cases presented at the meeting.

The proceedings highlighted the urgency and importance of addressing the plight of evicted tenants in Limerick, calling for a concerted effort from both local committees and the United Irish League to push for reinstatement and recognition of their claims.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 13 December 1904