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Mr E. O'Toole Honored with a Presentation by St. Michael's Rowing Club | Limerick Gazette Archives

Mr E. O’Toole Honored with a Presentation by St. Michael’s Rowing Club

In a heartwarming ceremony held at the rooms of St. Michael’s Temperance Society on Cecil Street, Mr E. O’Toole was honoured with a special presentation by the St. Michael’s Rowing Club. The event took place on Saturday night, celebrating Mr O’Toole’s invaluable contribution to the club’s success.

As a dedicated member of the club, Mr O’Toole generously offered his coaching expertise to the members. Under his guidance and training, the club achieved remarkable success, winning several prestigious events not only in Limerick but also in other locations.

To express their deep gratitude and appreciation, the Reverend John Lee, C.C., president of St. Michael’s Temperance Society, had the honour of presenting Mr O’Toole with a beautifully crafted gold watch. During the presentation, Rev. Lee spoke on behalf of both the society and the Rowing Club, expressing their heartfelt thanks for Mr O’Toole’s unwavering support and dedication.

The St. Michael’s Rowing Club, despite its relatively short existence, has made significant strides in the world of rowing, thanks in large part to Mr O’Toole’s successful coaching. His selfless contributions have not only improved the skills of individual members but have also strengthened the unity and camaraderie within the club.

The event at the St. Michael’s Temperance Society brought together members of the Rowing Club and the local community to acknowledge and celebrate the positive impact Mr E. O’Toole has had on the club’s growth and achievements. The presentation of the gold watch serves as a token of admiration and a symbol of gratitude for his invaluable efforts in shaping the success of the St. Michael’s Rowing Club.

With Mr O’Toole’s continued support and dedication, it is anticipated that the club will enjoy even greater accomplishments in the future, further solidifying its place as a respected and competitive force in the world of rowing. The ceremony was a touching tribute to the spirit of teamwork, mentorship, and community support that makes St. Michael’s Rowing Club a true exemplar of sportsmanship and achievement.

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Saturday 03 December 1904