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Irish Concert in Aid of Limerick Anglers' Association | Limerick Gazette Archives

Irish Concert in Aid of Limerick Anglers’ Association

Limerick, Ireland – A delightful Irish Concert was held at the Theatre Royal on Friday night in support of the Limerick Anglers’ Defence Fund. The event was well attended, although the audience might have been even larger had it not been for another concert taking place simultaneously in another part of the city.

Alderman Joyce, MP, addressed the audience at the outset and conveyed the apologies of the committee. Due to the recent passing of a Christian Brother, the Orphanage Band and the Christian Brothers’ Choral Class were unable to participate. Some of the ladies scheduled to perform were also absent due to illness. Alderman Joyce further assured the audience that once the legal case of the Limerick Anglers’ Association concluded, every individual would be free to fish in the Shannon River, to which the crowd responded with cheers.

The concert opened with the enchanting voice of Miss C. Bourke, who sang “Avournesn” and was rewarded with an encore from the audience. Following this, the Four-hand Reel class of the Brian Boru Club took the stage, treating the audience to a splendid exhibition of Irish dancing.

Mr J. O’Keetlle’s rendition of “The Skylark” was well-received, and he graciously responded to an encore. The crowd also expressed their appreciation for a selection of Irish airs played on the Irish Pipes by Mr Liam Keane, a gold medallist.

One of the evening’s highlights was the performance of Irish melodies by the members of Mount St. Alphonsus’ Bell Ringers, conducted by Alderman McNeice. Their exceptional display drew applause from the audience.

Mr J. Portley followed with a topical song, delivering it with great style and earning an encore. The well-known eight-hand reel class of the Brian Boru Club delighted the spectators with their flawless dance routines.

The Mandolin Band, consisting of Misses Hall, Gilligan, Brinn, Waters, and Messrs. McCormack and Hall, received warm appreciation for their selection of Irish airs, which prompted several encores.

Miss L. Gilligan, a local favorite, delivered a captivating rendition of “Angels Whisper,” prompting an encore request. Mr E. Neiland’s performance of “The Blackbird” was well-executed and well-received.

Another standout performance came from Mr T. Savage, who sang “The Fairy Boy” to much applause and an encore request. Master J. McDounell and Miss M. McDonnell, both prize winners, impressed the audience with their spirited rendition of a Jig and Reel.

Miss T. Halpin enchanted the crowd with “The Green Isle of Erno,” and in response to enthusiastic applause, she offered an encore performance of “Kilbirney.”

The concert also featured a selection of tunes played on the bagpipes and a rendition of Moore’s melodies by the Mount St. Alphonsus Handbell Ringers, bringing the evening’s program to a splendid close.

The concert’s success not only provided a memorable night of entertainment but also contributed to the vital work of the Limerick Anglers’ Defence Fund. The event showcased the rich cultural heritage of Ireland and the exceptional talents of local performers, leaving the audience eagerly looking forward to future gatherings of such a delightful nature.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 20 December 1904